Vendor Training

H-E-B welcomes you as a New Vendor!  All of the vendor training on this site is designed to ensure that your products will be set up correctly in the H-E-B system as efficiently as possible.  In addition, the content on this site provides you with the knowledge to understand the different ways H-E-B handles vendor transactions. 

Please complete all of the Core Product Setup (CPS) Computer Based Training (CBT) modules.  Doing so will help ensure that you will become familiar with the major components necessary to establish your products on our store shelves, and promote a successful business relationship with H-E-B. 


To ensure that you and your company set up your products correctly, please follow each Step below.  Thank you – and we look forward to doing business with you in the near future. 

We recommend enabling Adobe Flash for viewing these training videos. If you continue to experience trouble viewing the video, you can either access Supplier Site directly with Internet Explorer or copy the training link and paste into Internet Explorer.

Step 1 Obtain a training password to view training. Contact Procurement Support for a training password either by phone or email. 210-938-7800 or 800-765-8335
Step 2 Click on your appropriate training module links listed on this page.
Step 3 Complete all of the training provided.


  Core Product Setup (CPS) overview
  Product Concept Overview
  New Vendor Access
  Request Access to CPS (already have access to Supplier ID Portal)
  Navigation & Usability
  Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  Setup a DSD Product
  Setup an MRT
  Setup an Ownbrand Product
  Setup a Warehouse Product
Add to Existing Product
    Add to Existing Product Overview